Is Denace Eminem?

Is Denace Eminem? This is a question that many have wondered and asked. So is Denace actually Eminem? Are they related? The absolute answer is, no. Denace is not Eminem, nor are they brothers. We hope this post clears this question up.

Is Denace Eminem?

Nope, Denace and Eminem are not the same person.

Denace New Album

Denace has released a new album named The Gift and the Curse.

The 19 track album was released on April 20th, 2013 and is only $9.99 on iTunes and $8.99 on Amazon. Buying his LP is a great way to support him and grab a bunch of great songs. Denace has only had a few songs available for download until The Gift and the Curse, so this is a great chance to get his songs. Apparently the LP will be on Spotify and other music services.

The Gift and the Curse Tracklist

These are the songs on Denace’s The Gift and the Curse.

1. Letter 2 Myself
2. Welcome Home
3. Nothing
4. Love Ballad
5. Hey Yo!
6. Survivor
7. Down for Me
8. Better My Life
9. Die Young
10. Blow
11. Goodbye
12. That Guy
13. Never Change
14. So Cold
15. Self Concious
16. Tired of Being Broke
17. Save Me
18. Farewell
19. Waiting in Line

Three Remastered Songs by Denace Released

The following is fan written post.

Denace has just released three remastered songs on his Youtube channel. Here they are.

Alien To be completely honest, this was the first time I have heard this song. It’s a lot different from his other works. I enjoy it a lot and it once again shows me his talent.

Goodbye This is one of my all time favorites.

Letter 2 Myself This is a classic however you look at it. It’s known for it’s sampling of John Lennon. Also, the original song definitely put Denace into the Youtube spotlight. As it is noted in the comments section of the video, he seems to be more mad in this song.

Should artists come out with remastered versions of their songs? That’s a debated question. I think as long as they keep their old songs available, it is okay. There is nothing like hearing your favorite songs made even better!

In the end, I think these three songs clearly show the talent that Denace has. I look forward to seeing what he’s got in his upcoming album and songs.

Denace on iTunes

Want to know how you can support Denace? One way is by purchasing his songs on iTunes. Whether you listen to his songs while running or listen while you are doing work, they are definitely worth buying.

Sure, downloading songs illegally is easy for most, but don’t you want Denace to be able to earn something for the hard work he has put into creating his songs?

The Gift and the Curse LP on iTunes: You can learn more about the LP, including a full list of which songs are on it, on our post.

Waiting in Line (single) on iTunes:

Vote for Denace!

Now is your time to vote for Denace in the Don’t Funk Up Our Beats Contest 5! You can vote for his song, Down the Court, now on Facebook. Voting ends March 24th and you can vote once a day!

Vote at and don’t forget to tell all your friends and family to vote for Denace too!

In the video description of Down the Court, a video which now has over 20,000 views, Denace has written: “[...]PLEASE VOTE FOR ME… YOU CAN VOTE ONCE A DAY FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS… CLICK THIS AND HIT THE VOTE BUTTON… ITS REALLY EASY… THANK YOU… SHARE THIS POST AND TELL EVERYONE TO VOTE[...]“