Three Remastered Songs by Denace Released

The following is fan written post.

Denace has just released three remastered songs on his Youtube channel. Here they are.

Alien To be completely honest, this was the first time I have heard this song. It’s a lot different from his other works. I enjoy it a lot and it once again shows me his talent.

Goodbye This is one of my all time favorites.

Letter 2 Myself This is a classic however you look at it. It’s known for it’s sampling of John Lennon. Also, the original song definitely put Denace into the Youtube spotlight. As it is noted in the comments section of the video, he seems to be more mad in this song.

Should artists come out with remastered versions of their songs? That’s a debated question. I think as long as they keep their old songs available, it is okay. There is nothing like hearing your favorite songs made even better!

In the end, I think these three songs clearly show the talent that Denace has. I look forward to seeing what he’s got in his upcoming album and songs.

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